Comella Ortho’s SMILE SQUAD Pays a Visit to Frontier Field for the 98PXY Summer Jam

We had soo much fun at Summer Jam last night. There were a TON of people there and a lot of kids which was awesome. We gave away all sorts of fun neon and LED flashy-like prizes. Kids loved em! Also, a chance to enter to win an iPad Mini or free braces! It was a great night out in Rochester.

A lot of the adults were interested in learning more about the hidden Incognito Braces which we had on display.

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ComellaChat: May 20 – Flossing With Braces

We know it’s a pain sometimes to floss when wearing braces. But it’s so important! Flossing helps remove food particles which can cause swelling around your teeth (gum tissue).

Using floss “threaders” is a great idea. This will help allow you to get the floss behind the wire in your braces. Whether you have traditional braces or the Incognito hidden braces, this video will help show you how to floss!

Coolest Teacher Contest

Our Coolest Teacher Contest is in full swing! You have from now until June 10 to let us know why your teacher is the best. The winning essay will get either a pizza or cupcake party for the whole class. Sweet! Oh, and we’ll throw in a $25 gift card for your teacher too!

E-mail us your submissions to by June 10. Or you can drop it in the mail. 1972 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester NY 14618.

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

How about a free year of NetFlix?
Our current contest is coming to a close. Between now and the end of the month (April 30), be sure to enter to win a free year of Netflix courtesy of your favorite orthodontist…Comella Orthodontics!

How do you win, you ask?

All you have to do is match the Comella staff member to their favorite movie and you could win an entire year of Netflix! Click here to download a PDF with more information and how to enter to win.

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What Are The Different Types of Retainers?

What’s the difference between a permanent and removable retainer?

Getting your braces is an exciting time! It’s important that you preserve your beautiful new smile by properly wearing your retainer.

Once you get your braces off , you enter the “retention” period as we call it. This is a life-long process that gets easier after the first six weeks. You will need to wear a retainer for the rest of your life. If you don’t, your teeth will start to move due to the pressures being placed against the bone.

There are generally two types of retainers. Should you go with permanent, removable, or a combination of the two? Dr. Comella or Dr. Molisani will recommend the type of retainer(s) that are best for your unique situation. But knowing more about the different types of retainer beforehand can be helpful.

essix removable retainer

Essix Removable Retainer

Removable Retainers – learn more
Removable retainers (called Essix or Hawley) offer the greatest advantage of user friendliness. They are put in at night and taken out in the morning. With a removable retainer, you can take it out and brush and floss your teeth. The removable retainer will also allow you to enjoy some retainer-free time. One thing to keep in mind is that a removable retainer can easily be forgotten at times, which means you won’t be taking full advantage of teeth retention.  Although removable retainers can be very effective, if you don’t properly follow instructions from Dr. Comella or Dr. Molisani, your teeth will start to shift back to their original position.

Permanent Retainerslearn more

fixed permanent retainer

Fixed/Permanent Retainer

Permanent retainers are the clear choice for patients who want to get it and forget it. This is essentially a small wire that is permanently glued to the back of your front teeth. Unlike a removable retainer, you can’t forget to put it in because it’s already there! Flossing with a permanent retainer can be a little more difficult, however, we can show you effective ways to floss fairly quickly with your permanent retainer.

Depending on your teeth, Comella Orthodontics may recommend a combination of the two retainers. This is different from case to case. A removable retainer may benefit more for the top teeth and a permanent one for the lower ones because the lower teeth are smaller and tend to shift more. The most important thing to remember about the retainer is that to reap the full benefit, you must wear your retainer as directed.